Required Paperwork

The Office of Fraternity Sorority Life at UCLA is committed to the success and support of the new member education and intake programs throughout our Greek community. In our continued effort to encourage the development of our community, increasing the communication between the chapter advisors and students, these procedures will require equal reporting among all councils to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, fraternities and sororities, local community, and the University’s reputation. This reporting is mandatory per the OFSL Expectations of Recognition and must be submitted to their staff advisor at least a week prior to their recruitment/intake periods beginning.

Read first: Recruitment & Intake Procedures

Each fraternity and sorority conducting membership intake will keep the Office informed of all membership recruitment or intake activities each quarter. All documents submitted to the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life are kept private as appropriate. Documents may be shared with university officials and regional or inter/national organization staff and volunteers as needed.

Step 1: Tell OFSL that you are starting a New Member/Aspirant program

Submit the New Member/Aspirant Education form at least a week prior to your recruitment/intake period beginning. Please include the following chapter specific documents in your chapter’s BOX folder:
a) A copy of your inter/national and/or chapter New Member/Aspirant Education program or member intake process.
b) A calendar/outline detailing the specific events included in your program/process.
c) Completed New Member Educator/Intake Coordinator Checklist.

Step 2: Meet with OFSL Staff Advisor (as needed)

Meeting with Staff Advisor: A meeting with your staff advisor may be required to review your program/process prior to the period beginning.

Step 3: Tell OFSL who your new members/aspirants are

Submit the Verification of New Members/Aspirants form at least 48 hours after you have extended your bids/invitations to begin your new member program/intake process.

Should you add new members to your program after it has begun (ongoing recruitment; continuous open bidding) you will submit another Verification of New Members/Aspirants Form to submit the additional names. Check with your council if you also need to submit council specific documentation.

Step 4: New Members/Aspirants Join MyUCLA

New Members/Aspirants must accept their invitation to join the MyUCLA chapter portal within 7 days from the date of invitation. Chapter officers are responsible to update their roster to show these members as “new members”.

Step 5: Tell OFSL who you initiated/crossed

Submit the Verification of Newly Initiated Members form within 48 hours of your initiation/crossing.


The Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life understands that there may be situations that arise where you may need to make changes to your program. In order for changes to be made, you must submit the New Member Education/Intake Plan Modification Request form.

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