Sororities and Fraternities have been an integral part of UCLA since 1923. Being a part of the UCLA Greek community gives our students the opportunity to build lifelong friendships, find a support network on campus, develop their leadership potential and build character. Our community commits itself to living by their organizational values and the UCLA True Bruin Values. View our quick snapshot to gather a general overview of the fraternities and sororities recognized at UCLA.

Greek True Bruin Values


I will respect the rights and dignity of others. I will work within my chapter and council to acknowledge the different power dynamics that exist within the membership experience, and work to ensure they are not abused. I will recognize everyone’s individual right to be safe. That recognition will motivate me to intervene whenever I observe myself and/or others engaging in harmful behavior or actions. As a Bruin, I will work to extend the same level of high respect to my fraternal siblings, as I do to my fellow UCLA community members.


I will conduct myself with integrity as a member of my chapter, my council, and as a part of the UCLA community. My words and actions will consistently recognize that the fraternity and sorority community at UCLA includes six councils, and represents a vast set of individual and organizational experiences. I commit to working towards a better understanding of those differences and striving to ensure all members feel cared for and valued. I will act with the knowledge that my choices can and will impact others.


I will be accountable as an individual and as a member of this community. I understand that my membership will create a connection between my actions and my chapter, council, and community. I will commit to deepening my understanding of that chapter, council, and community’s history, equally acknowledging the positive impact, as well as potential harm, we may have facilitated. True accountability will require that I confront my peers when their actions fall below our organization’s or UCLA’s standard of ethical conduct. In response, I will be open to feedback from others, expecting my peers to hold me to the high standard our membership requires.


I will aim to make a positive impact in my chapter, at UCLA, and beyond, as a contributing member of our global community. My membership will encourage acts of public service that demonstrate care and consideration for my interconnected role in the world around me. I will be a conscious steward of the resources available to me, always considering that my status as a Bruin and my organizational membership provides access to resources not available to all.


I will continuously strive for excellence. My choices in and out of the classroom should reflect those of a campus and community leader. My membership will encourage a continual commitment to improvement as an individual and as a part of my organization. I will ask for help should I need support in addressing potential concerns within my chapter, my council, or the community at large. I will define success not as the absence of failure, but rather the ability to persist towards progress after I have fallen short of expectations.