Programming Opportunities from Campus Partners

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Recreation: Experiential Learning Opportunities

Outdoor Adventures offers a variety of experiential-learning opportunities through our Bike Shop, Challenge Course, Outdoor Trips, Rental Center, and Rock Wall. Our programming is designed to nurture and encourage a life-long love of outdoor pursuits along with a deep appreciation of risk management, environmental stewardship, as well as social and cultural inclusivity.

Career Center

No matter where you are in your journey, the Career Center has the tools and resources to help! From career exploration to skill development, our dedicated staff works with you to help you discover your professional strengths as you prepare for graduate school or full-time employment.

Residential Life: Co-Programming Opportunities

n response to the impact of COVID-19 & with the most recent adjustments in student housing, Residential Life has altered the ways in which they can support student organizations this academic year.

Key updates:

The Funding & Advisory Board will not be functional this academic year. That means there will not be any funding available this academic year and venues will not be booked for in-person gatherings until further notice.

Publicity is still available, but these are only limited to flyers and active digital displays at this time.

Training and assistance with virtual engagements can be scheduled, based upon availability, with their Program & Event Management unit. On a case-by-case basic, they may be able to rent out production technology to University Housing residents of whom are preparing for a student organization's program