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UCLA Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life


So UCLA Recreation is excited to share with you our virtual teambuilding programs. These interactive Zoom sessions leverage playful, reflective, and problem-solving activities to build a sense of community and foster belonging. Our programs are perfect for new student cohorts looking to bond or professional teams aiming to cultivate stronger relationships. We hope to help you bring your community together. If program fees are prohibitive, please contact us as we can offer fee waivers for our student and community partners in need.

More information on virtual teambuilding programs.

Career Center

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Resources for COVID-19 - Find the answers to common questions students may have when seeking out advice on how to navigate their career during the coronavirus pandemic.

Residential Life

In response to the impact of COVID-19 & with the most recent adjustments in student housing, Residential Life has altered the ways in which they can support student organizations this academic year.

Key updates:

The Funding & Advisory Board will not be functional this academic year. That means there will not be any funding available this academic year and venues will not be booked for in-person gatherings until further notice.

Publicity is still available, but these are only limited to flyers and active digital displays at this time.

Training and assistance with virtual engagements can be scheduled, based upon availability, with their Program & Event Management unit. On a case-by-case basic, they may be able to rent out production technology to University Housing residents of whom are preparing for a student organization's program

For more information visit the Residential Life website or check out the Residential Life flyer.