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College Academic Counseling

Academic advising is an integral component of your learning and development at UCLA. College Academic Counseling’s mission is to cultivate an advising partnership with you that nurtures your growth, and that allows you to draw connections between all aspects of your undergraduate experience. These correlations will help you to understand the value of your undergraduate education as it relates to your personal and professional aspirations. Through a developmental, learning-centered philosophy, we advise the whole student, acknowledging that all aspects of your individuality inform your scholarly identity. Academic advisors support you in your intellectual, professional, and personal goals, while upholding the integrity of the institution.

CAC Peer Counseling

College Academic Counseling (CAC) Peer Counselors (formerly ASK Peer Counselors) are undergraduate students in the College of Letters & Science who are trained to assist students with questions about rules and regulations, deadlines, referrals, petitions, GE and degree requirements, IGETC, the process for declaring majors and minors, tutoring resources, pre-health requirements, and program planning. CAC Peer Counselors also manage and contribute to the CAC social media initiatives by creating weekly content for the CAC Facebook and Instagram pages, and CAC YouTube Channel.

Undergraduate Writing Center

The Undergraduate Writing Center is a free service for all UCLA students. We provide one-on-one appointments at our 3 locations: A61 Humanities, Rieber Hall 162 and Powell 228. We are happy to work with you on course papers, capstone projects, senior thesis papers or application materials (resumes, CVs, statements of purpose or cover letters).

Academic Advancement Program (AAP)

AAP promotes academic achievement and excellence through academic advising, peer learning and collaborative learning workshops, mentoring to prepare students for graduate studies and professional schools, summer bridge programs for entering freshmen and transfer students, and scholarships for enrolled students. Many students in AAP come from high-need families, are the first in their families to attend college, are recent immigrants, or come from populations that have been historically underrepresented in higher education.

CPO Writing Success Center

The Writing Success Program believes in the power of words to transform and inspire. Collaborating with students in each step of the writing process, we assist them in developing the tools required for critical thinking and writing, thus contributing to their holistic growth as agents of social change. By supporting a more compassionate and confident approach to writing, students engage their voices with more power and joy.

CPO Student Retention Center

The Student Retention Center (SRC) is the first student-initiated, student-run, and student-funded retention center in the nation. Created through student activism, the SRC is the only student center on campus directly accountable to students. The projects and services within the SRC are designed to assist undergraduate students with academic difficulties and cultural and social transitions.

Library Workshops

Need to learn how to automate a task using Python? Debating which statistical package best suits your research question? Want to visualize your research data as a map? Workshops@UCLA is here to help you find the right technology instruction to advance your research agenda.

Workshops are collected from a variety of campus units that regularly offer research-based, digital technology instruction. Currently, workshops from the following institutes and centers are included:

Office of Advanced Research Computing (OARC)
Young Research Library (YRL)
Institute for Digital Research and Education (IDRE)
Cotsen Institute of Archaeology
Institute for Quantitative and Computational Biosciences (QCB)
Institute of the Environment and Sustainability
UCLA Career Center
UCLA Graduate Division

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