Learn more about UCLA's fraternity and sorority community

Council Presidents

In order to be a fully recognized and active chapter at UCLA, each individual chapter must be recognized under one of six governing councils. Lead by executive boards consisting of chapter leaders within their respective councils, each council serves as an umbrella organization assisting and supporting their member chapters.

At UCLA, we have 6 councils that represent an extremely diverse and wide-ranging areas of identity including cultural, religious and academic affiliations. You can find more information by contacting each Council President.

Phyllis Sern

Asian Greek Council President


Nick Pwee

Interfraternity Council President


Alondra Cervantes

Latinx Greek Council President


Arthur Tumikyan

Multi-Interest Greek Council


Senay Zedingel

National Pan-Hellenic Council President


Kelsie Hull

Panhellenic President


Community Snapshot

By the Numbers

13% of UCLA students are in a fraternity or sorority
30% of Greek members are from out of the state of California
10% are transfer students
17% are first generation college students
34% of members speak two or more languages
21% of members are eligible for Pell Grants

Academic Success

84% of members have a cumulative grade point average of a 3.0 or higher
73% of members have a quarterly grade point average of a 3.5 or higher
35% of members are majoring in the Social Sciences majors
32% of members are majoring in Life Sciences majors
9% of members are majoring in Physical Sciences majors