Greek Housing

Some of UCLA’s Greek-letter organizations maintain their own private housing adjacent to campus. The average capacity for a fraternity house is 40 students, average capacity for a sorority house is 50 students. Fraternity and sorority housing is generally available the second year of membership and members are encouraged to live in the facility for at least one year.

Fraternities and sororities are managed and maintained by established housing corporations that own the properties and take care of major upkeep and repairs. View the Map of Fraternities and Map of Sororities.

What may be included in fraternity/sorority living:

      •  House director/advisor supervision  

      •  Full service meals provided by cooks or catering services

      •  Study areas, computer rooms, and access to academic resources

      •  Comparable dorm-style room set-ups (will vary by fraternity or sorority)

      •  Security and patrol systems (varies by chapter)

      •  Coin-operated washers and dryers on-site

      •  Parking (limited and will vary by fraternity or sorority)

Greek facilities offer affordable housing with below average costs for room and board. In comparison to other living options in Westwood, Greek life can be a bargain.



Average Costs 2016 - 2017 



 Member Live-in Costs (Annual)
 Live-in Fees: room, board, and dues (payment plans vary)         $7,650       $8,328  
Member  Live-out Costs (Residential Life, Annual)

 Live-out Fees       $2,162       $2,504  
 Residential Life Housing Expenses
      $15,069       $15,069  
Member Live-out Costs (Off-campus, Annual)
 Live-out Fees       $2,162        $2,504  
 Off-campus Housing Expenses       $10,653       $10,653  
Non-member Housing Options
       Residential Life Expenses                        Total $15,069          
       Off-campus Housing Expenses               Total $10,653

For a complete breakdown of Fees, Tuition, and Estimated Student Budget, the Financial Aid Office provides an estimated student budget at their website.

•   Estimated Undergraduate Student Budget

•   Financial Aid Office